Me For You

Me for you—that says it all. I pledge to apply my knowledge and experience to best benefit you, constantly adapting your yoga training to stay in step with the twists and turns that your life takes.

After all, we are more than merely physical entities; we are breathing, thinking beings.  Taking the step to open this doorway can often be complex and full of challenges; progress is measured in small but essential steps. Each one brings you further than you thought possible, and the journey will be a font of inspiration to us both.

Taking a one to one session is not about me teaching you what's good for me, what works for others, or which asanas happen to be trendiest this week. Instead, it's about the two of us finding out what matters most and is best for you, your body, and your mind—today and for the tomorrows to come.

When you train with me, we explore you and your system, how to overcome obstacles, ultimately giving you the tools to move, breathe and feel better. If this sounds like the experience you seek, I look forward to hearing from you.



Alex was one of my first Yoga teachers in Frankfurt. She inspired me to look more deeply into Yoga. Her genuine way of integrating her own philosophy of life with the Yoga philosophy impressed me then and now. She fuses the energetic, creative flow of Vinyasa Flow with her experience as a dancer. Her integrated, yet light-hearted approach invites everyone to enjoy her classes. I am proud and happy to be one of her students.

Martina Wohlers

Everytime when I see Alexandra, her smile makes me smile! In her class you can feel her perfectionism but she never forgets to smile! It is a rare combination of kindness and professionalism. I highly recommend her class!

Meister Young-Ho Kim, Inside Yoga

Alexandra took me by her hand and carefully taught me how to move, breath and feel the joy of Yoga. She always invited me to take the next step – gently and patient, never pushing me. Her inimitable way of teaching, her professionalism and her genuine and warm smile have been crucial on my journey to reconnect with my intuition. Calling Alexandra my yoga teacher is invaluable and a very special gift.

Kristin Alena Sadowski
  • Me for you
  • Me for you

I love it when people come to me for their first yoga session, their minds a mix of curiosity and concern. It is a wonderful moment when any scepticism or reluctance gives way to a smile and their words about how much they are looking forward to the next time.

I'm grateful for the privilege of being able to guide my clients on this journey.


Everyone who wishes to explore yoga should have the opportunity to do so.

This is why I also teach in workshops, seminars and at yoga conferences and events. I mentor prospective yoga teachers and conduct regular yoga courses in various studios. In addition, I offer yoga classes on the online yoga platform TINT.